Download ChocolateChip

ChocolateChip has its own site. There are three varieties of each version: with full comments, without comments and minified. If you’re new to ChocolateChip, you would do good to download the commented version. Going over the comments for the methods will give you a better idea about how they work. If you’re already familiar with ChocolateChip and are ready to start coding your super Web app, download the version without comments. That way, if your code throws an error, you’ll get an error in the Web inspector’s console indicating at what line ChocolateChip had a problem executing your code. Examining that line of ChocolateChip where your script is having a problem can help you figure out how to resolve the issue. If you’ve finished your app, completed testing, found no apparent bugs and are ready to launch, download the minified version. It’s only around 8k in size. That’s smaller than some gif images.

You can download ChocolateChip from GitHub.

To see examples of what ChocolateChip can do, visit That site has numerous posts about how to built out various mobile Web controls that work like native controls on the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android platforms.


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