This blog is about how to use the ChocolateChip mobile Web framework for easy and rapid Web app development. Unlike other frameworks, ChocolateChip is built for modern mobile Web browsers, in particular, those based on Webkit. As such it doesn’t waste code trying to fix cross-browser issues. It doesn’t have any to worry about. Instead ChocolateChip takes advantage of all the cutting-edge modern features available in Webkit that make it easy to write efficient, human readable and maintainable code. Other frameworks try to make JavaScript code easier by creating new methods and terms that hide the complexity of browser quirks and differences. ChocolateChip doesn’t have to do that. Neither does ChocolateChip attempt to hide what’s really going on. Instead it offers a few convenience methods that allow you to quickly and clearly accomplish a limited set of tasks necessary for being productive. The rest is just good old JavaScript, except that it isn’t that old. This is not JavaScript from the Dot Com era. ChocolateChip is based on the new features of ECMAScript 5. The Web is continually evolving, and as creators of interactive applications that operate over the Web, we need to constantly update our coding style to the new features made available to us.

ChocolateChip was also used as the basis for a mobile Web app frame called ChocolateChip-UI. I also use ChocolateChip for the blog posts at http://www.css3wizardry.com. You can download the source code for ChocolateChip from GitHub. I recommend you download ChocolateChip-UI and take a look at the included examples to see if it fits your needs.


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  1. Matthew
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 06:15:44

    Keep up the great work on ChocolateChip framework, I have been using it in my iPhone project in a UIWebView and it looks like its part of the native application. Thanks for making this blog and explaining the framework further.

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